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in association with irdrp social organization of Tamil Nadu India, asbl vanakkam is developing a new project (nouvelle carrière pour les enfants d'Erumayur) This project involves the construction of a technical school (Open School), she has a goal of give a chance to drop out young teenager to learn a trade qualified technical.
free for stone quarry child. This way they can leave the dangerous
and precarious jobs quarries of stone and have another technical job better pay and safer. courses offered will be a car mechanic, electrical technician,radio tv technician repairing,cutti
ng tailoring and dress making. This project will be done over two years . Erumayur Area .
hope to have 300 graduates per year. below some photos of work in stone quarries kunrathur area

New Project

progress of the work February 2012

progress of the work march 2012

progress of  juin 2012