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Vanakkam means hello in Tamil. Tamil is the language spoken in southern India in the aera of Madras. It is also official language in Singapore, Sri Lanka, Malaysia and Burma. It belongs to the family of Dravidian languages the world's oldest language(unchanged since 2500 years). Vanakkam The association was established on 29 January 2007, by the initiative of a few people who decided to provide support and assistance to the Third World.

The leitmotif of Vanakkam:
Implement and carry outs projects.
To reduce poverty and hunger in the world.
To ensure that drinking water is accessible to all.
So that medical care provided to people who can afford it.
So that school is effective for children at least the primary cycle.To improve communication

Association vanakkam.

The association is composed of 14 members. It was decided that the actions for the years 2009-2011 be focused on the small village of Arcot Kuppam, southern province of Tamil Nadu (80km Madras). This small village of 750 inhabitants lived in poverty. Its main income comes from agriculture of rice, sugarcane and mango. They raise sheep, goats, cattle and buffaloes for their personal needs, 70% of homes have neither running water nor electricity. The average annual income per capita of 1,300 euros. It is clear that with such a low income it is difficult to live. Not everybody in Arcot Kuppam can ensure the support their family.For more details, just have a look at the project section.Vanakkam association does not receive any financial support,it lives on donations,organizing dinners to raise funds and carry out its projects.Of course all the help you can provide is welcome.

account of the association vanakkam: 979-2438835-66

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Project 2009 -2011

Construction of the village schoolwith refectory and toilet
building 65m ²
ground building began in August 2008